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Oct 27, 2012 2:30am PDT
we get all of the time, how do i monetize my blog. find out how these entrepreneurs who build tiny houses discovered there was money to be made by blogging about them. on every one of our cards there's a date. a reminder... that before this date, we have to exceed expectations. we have to find new ways to help make life easier, more convenient and more rewarding. it's the reason why we don't have costumers. we have members. american express. welcome in. >>> when somebody out there offers to help your business, take advantage of this. how? this tip comes from justine ariaga, the founder of program and a good friend of mine. she says, when somebody offers to help, you have to give them three really specific ways they can help you. why? a, this makes it easy for them. they don't have to think about what you need. your telling them. b, it makes it so they are not going to offer you help you don't need which could put you in a pretty uncomfortable situation. c, by giving them three things, it ups the chances they will be able to deliver on one of them. so, it's your business. tip number
Oct 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
much contact is too much. a blog under fire for oversharing parents. >>> there has been a meningitis outbreak in several states. the number of victims could still grow. >> reporter: she said her first steroid injection in late august seemed like a god send for her chronic paint more than a month later, she was notified by the hospital that the shot may contain a rare form of fungal meningitis. that's because it was sent to 23 states. as many as 1,000 may be affected. >> it usually causes problems in people with immune problems. here it was injected directly into the spine and causes inflammation. >> reporter: early symptom cobs headache, fever, a stiff neck and can take anywhere from a week to a month to develop, so health officials are on high alert. anyone who receives an injection should check with the doctor to see if it's from that tainted source. >> it can improve the outcomes. >> reporter: for now she's just trying to stay positive. >> prayer, and that's what we'll do is pray, not just for me but for many others that have will the injections. >> reporter: that specialty pharma
Comedy Central
Oct 8, 2012 11:00pm PDT
's a bonobo blog going (mumbling). we have red, inflamed anuss, that doesn't look anything like us. got to be corrupt political manipulation. what else would explain why after unemployment has been steadily declining for the last year that now suddenly right before the election, it declines a little more? please! i think we know what's going on here. >> what are people intimating here, that the books are cooked? >> well a lot of people are saying that the government is cooking the books here >> i'll tell you these guys are saying they feel like they cooked the books >> jon: if you're cooking the books 7.8% unemployment is a [bleep] recipe. it's like the radish stew of jobless numbers. if you're cooking, make something nice for people. hey, unemployment is 2.6. everybody says we're all getting laid. call me when the allegation comes from someone with some financial credibility. >> jack welch tweeting this just moments after the release of today's job report. quote, unbelievable jobs numbers. these chicago guys will doing anything. can't debate. so change the numbers." >> jon: if legendar
Oct 1, 2012 9:00am PDT
. >>> in her most recent blog she shows us how she takes care of her blog. >> this girl is unstoppable. >>> and a grocery store with a bit of a problem. >> that was the size of a house cat. >> the story behind the infestation that's gone viral. lots of prepaid cards come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing chase liquid. the reloadable card with no-fee reloads and withdrawals at chase atms. and no headaches, hassles or confusion. all for one flat monthly fee. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. ...but add some ham and cheese ...roll them up in some crescent dough and tada, thursday is now... a ham & cheese crescent roll-up wonder pillsbury crescents, let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >>> welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at right to right this >>> we've talked about this blog by a girl who has no arms. she shows people how she get through life.
Oct 28, 2012 11:30am EDT
blog called "iraq, the unraveling." it hasn't. rather it has sort of come to a stalemate it is not falling apart but not making any political progress it is just sort of sitting there, not a great situation but actually better than i personally expected when i last took a long look at iraq. what people forget in this country though is iraq, even right now, is still more violent than afghanistan is. >> well, i actually think the search was considerable success in a military sense. and so i think that the worst case in iraq certainly has not happened. we don't have a civil war. we don't have anything of the kind. but it's problematic outcome from an american stan standpoint, for a variety of reasons. for example, without any american forces, even a paltry force in iraq now, iraq's skies are wide open and so what they've become is basically a channel for the iranians to ship hundreds of tons of military aid to bash shard al assad's regime in syria, which goes against american policy and also with no air cover of any kind, no american planes there to assert air sovereignty it
Oct 11, 2012 6:00pm EDT
.com to read what usa today reporters are saying about the debate in a live blog. you can take part in our conversation with us through facebook and twitter. at 11:00 i'll be here to fact check the debate with the usa today political team. it's going to be a long night, an exciting night full of information. we'll watch it all the way through. derek, for now back to you in the studio. >>> right now one of the presidential candidates making his case to voters in north carolina. it's mitt romney who is holding the rally in asheville all set to be joined by congressman john boehner. former arkansas governor mike huckabee and country singer ronny millsap are also scheduled. the republican vice presidential candidate is scheduled to speak tomorrow. >>> meantime president obama spending his day in florida. he'll be holding a rally in miami in about an mauer. earlier he was talking to the -- in an mauer. earlier he was talking to the crowd -- in an hour. earlier he was talking to the crowds in coral gables. >>> today police identified the man shot in the 1100 block of eighth street northea
Oct 15, 2012 3:00pm PDT
't the question. some of them are blog and independent groups. >> these are very credible sources and -- >> one of them is a from a guy who -- a blog from a top adviser to george w. bush. these are hardly nonpartisan studies. >> chris, i think if you look at harvard and aei, they are very credible sources. >> you wouldn't say that aei is a conservative think tank? >> it's a light leaning think tank but that doesn't make it uncredible. >> it doesn't make it partisan. >> two blogs from the conservative think tank, american enterprise institute. another nonpartisan study is from the conservative think tank, the heritage foundation. their own website said that it's a paper written by, ready for this one, a former bush adviser. study number five, five says -- is written by "the wall street journal," an op ed written by an adviser to the romney campaign. and lucky number six is another blog post written again by the same adviser to the romney campaign. this is the kind of campaign he's running. i mean, have we ever seen anything like this in politics? mr. romney wants the american people to trust him
Oct 11, 2012 4:30am PDT
: they are expected to talk about this latest information and we are learning more from her mother and about a blog she wrote. when kayla was just nine years old, she was kidnapped from a grocery store. the last 24 years have been filled with leads and on her blog she writes, i think this might be it. this is a lead that is connected to the speed freak killers and the search of those wells. remains of hobson who went missing in 1985 at the age of 16 and a box of bones said to be hers was given to her mother. she want -- they wanted wesley howard shermantine to give to others. >> they can do the right thing for these families to get their closure but he is needs to do the right thing for everybody else. >> hobson's mother had the bones tested and it turns out they were not all of her daughter's. according to the mother, dna tests were taken but they were inn controversy conclusive and they are undergoing maestro cop drail -- undergoing tests and they say if this it couldn't -- if this is confirmed, she will be relieved. it breaks my heart to think of her little body lying in that horrible place for
Oct 11, 2012 6:00am PDT
a blog about the latest twist saying quote, i don't know how to live in this waiting time and she has been waiting 24 years for answers. it was back in 1988 she was kidnapped from a grocery store. her case has gone unsolved but see said, i think this might be it. she was called to the hayward police department because of a bone that could be mckale's and -- mckayla's and is now being tested after convicted killer wesley howard shermantine had led them their. he gave the bones to another woman. they were not content to stop there. they scalded on wesley howard shermantine to give the other families the same. >> he did the right thing by giving the right information for these families to get closure but he -- closure but he needs to tell the rest for everybody else. >> they got the bones they were given and that is when they discovered not all of them were hobson's. one of them was for a child between the ages of 5 and 13. now the dicking was conducted by the sheriff's department and mckayla's mother writes, somewhere in this blog, i wanted to be there if mckayla was found. if for the f
Oct 15, 2012 1:40am EDT
behind. let's say you are blogging all for your 20s, and let's say almost no one reads your blog. but 20 years from then you have children and you can show them what you wrote and they will understand things about you that they might not understand otherwise i always say even in its most basic form a letter, of holum to someone, it is a immortality. we've all had that experience of loving someone and of losing them and opening a drawer and finding a card that they've signed or a letter that they wrote and thinking still alive, still alive in some way. so i think the more writing, the better. >> any regrets about anything that you have written? >> you know, i think regrets are things that a good columnist -- and i like to think i was a good columnist, gets out before she publishes. in other words, you spend a fair amount of time at the computer back stopping yourself. when you are writing about your family constantly. even when you are writing about events, part of your brain is thinking how will this deal than ten years? how unequivocal do i want to be about certain things? so why can't
Oct 10, 2012 10:30pm PDT
have a blog for this projects and others you can subscribe to and get updates so it's active, visual, friendly for the public communication tool. we found it works well with the construction projects for the water improvement program so we're using the same model for this and as we come to next steps, updates or availability of reports, anything that of nature and they can comment on the blog as well. >> so the final point in terms of potential advantages of having the site located closer to the points using the -- having the greater usage of the recycled water does that factor in at all? does that make sense, the pros and cons of that? >> yes the purpose of the alternative analysis is look at these options and develop costs we will know is it more expensive at one plant and run the pipe or more cost effective to have it closer to the site and that is all part of the alternative analysis. >> following up on that question and i want to understand better your kiet. you have five sites and i understand you will look at each one and determine the costs but what are the primary buckets
Oct 18, 2012 12:00am PDT
a peek at the stuff we have cut. to get our -- check out our blog. blog. >> and go giants. congratulations to them and to all of those of you wearing orange and black in the chambers. i want to thank the members of sfgov tv who are working on this committee meeting. and the clerk, ms. alisa miller. i am joined by board president david chiu and we will be joined by committee vice chair sean elsbernd. do we have any communications? >> please make sure silence all cell phones and electronic diveess, any document documentse submitted to the clerk. >> supervisor chiu: i just want to thank the patience and indulgence of the chair as well as members of the public. we were not watching the celebration of the giants. there was a signing ceremony today for our u. s. transportation secretary announcing a grant to the subway project planned a few weeks ago and we had some miscues but we're ready to go. >> president farrell: clarification, i was watching the giants. madam clerk, please call items 2 and 3 together. >> item 2 is a hearing and item 3 is a resolution. >> president farrell:
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
have some new bl bonnieogs foliage coming up -- we have some new blogs on the foliage coming up. >> that was an instant classic taken in sports baseball rules the day. jayson werth gives the car is the royal flush. a huge night at the ballpark. washington has been e let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs when president obama couldn't. first my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china and improvi job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit car with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything. >> get ready for game 5 tomorrow night because the nationals are alive and well. it was a two-one gem a classic a season saver
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
have the right to speak.." >> she spoke at 11. she had an anonymous blog written by the bbc after the taliban bombed schools in her town to try to prevent girls from getting an education. she knew it was dangerous, when asked what she would tell other girls that are afraid to defy the taliban and stay in their rooms instead. >> i tell her don't stay in your room because god will ask you on the day of judgment, where were you when your people were asking you, when your school fellows were asking you, and when your school was asking you that i am being blown up when your people need you. you should come and you should stand tall. >> and. >> reporter: and so she did. went public, nominated for a peace prize and had big ambitions. >> reporter: education is a dangerous thing. asked what she would tell the taliban, she would tell them what she learned. >> i show them the koran. it did not say girls are not alloweto go to school. >> reporter: she believed wrongly this. >> education is a must thing. if you don't have educated people, the taliban will come to you. if you have educated peop
Oct 16, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. they are going to be blogging about that on we are your place to be for campaign 2012 coverage. the debate itself will air on channel 9 at 9:00 p.m. it's also streamed live on our website, and then stick around at 11:00 as i'm joined live by the politics editor, we're going to fact check what the candidates had to say, look at the truth, look at who exaggerated and i'll be sending out notes on twitter, tweeting for you as well from u.s.a. today all through the night. derek, back you. >> thank you anita. if you are planning to vote this upcomg ection, your time is most nning out. today is the deadline to register in maryland. you have to have the paperwork in by 9:00 a.m. the deadline, friday, but as of now, you have the option of registering in person down at election board headquarters, virginia's deadline was yesterday. and we have a lot more voter registration information at click on campaign 2012. >>> secretary of state, hillary clinton, says she is responsible for the security where christopher stevens and three others were killed in an attack last
Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm PDT
of them are blogs. >> richard wolffe on the expectations for the president going into the debate. and former ohio governor ted strickland on the new lie mitt romney is cooking up. >> unemployment is higher today than when president obama took office. we created zero jobs. >>> paul ryan meets the takers in a homeless clinic. he staged a photo op and it was a total bust. >>> and mitt romney's vision for america is playing out right now in illinois. >> the only motivation is they want more money. >> since auto workers are in new york protesting the republican nominee, tonight my interview with a worker. >>> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. the uproar over president obama's debate performance has subsided. we are back to square one. tomorrow might be one of the most important dates on the calendar. the polls show the race is dead even once again. president obama has maintained his lead in several key swing states like ohio and nevada. the numbers have stabilized. but all the attention turns to the town hall-style debate tomorrow night. the obama campaign launched a new
Oct 15, 2012 6:00pm PDT
studies. two are blog posts by a conservative think tank. one is a report by a think tank. and the others are a blog post and a "wall street journal" op-ed by a mitt romney adviser. calling those things studies is like calling me the homecoming queen. it's very flattering, but come on. the romney campaign has been trying to wish away the math with this six studies magical incantation. they have been trying to use this six studies thing for so long that even the sunday morning show on fox is calling bull pucky on it. >> six studies have said -- >> those are very questionable. some of them are blogs. some are from an independent group. >> these are very credible sources. >> one is from a blog from a guy who was a top adviser to george w. bush. >> see why ed gillespie doesn't look worried there? he's waiting for the interviewer to stop talking. he's just kind of waiting. i'm just going to go back to my talking points. there's a happy-go-luckiness. they don't get too stressed out because they know that politically, it doesn't matter what they say. they trust no matter what they are proposing
Oct 26, 2012 9:00pm PDT
was apparently trolling the nether regions of the right-wing press. he found it on a washington examiner blog post, which reported, quote, jeep, an obama favorite, looks to shift production to china. a move that would crash the economy in toledo. this is a misreading of a bloomberg report that was reporting good news. global demand for jeep has risen to the point where they can sell more in china and wants to build jeeps for china in china. this is good news for an american company, not bad news. they are not shipping american jobs overseas. this doesn't mean less work for americans. this means they are adding, they are expanding overseas. thanks to the auto bailout, chrysler stuck around to win again. yay! or as mitt romney put it -- >> jeep is thinking of moving all production to china. >> i cover campaigns for a living. i understand that politicians inflate and conflate and duck and dodge and weave and dissemble sometimes. that's not what he's doing. he's flat out lying to the voters of ohio. on the basis of something he happened to read in the right wing blog sphere. his lie is embarrassi
Oct 3, 2012 5:00am PDT
cut. to get our -- check out our blog. i will have
Oct 19, 2012 1:00am PDT
't agree with? would you hide their posts or just ignore it? we're asking on our blog, if you head to, tell us what you think, but only if you use your first name, no initials. >> if you've ever been on a plane and over the ocean, the captain might draw your attention to it. a mistaken was on a 14-hour flight from australia when the captain dropped down from 37,000 feet to 5,000 feet. then he asked people to look out the window and see if they could find something, this yacht. officials asked the air canada flight if it could help out and the people on board did. passengers and crews spotted him. authorities eventually arrived to pick up the sailor. total time from when he sent off the signal to when he was spotted by the plane, 25 minutes. >>> today's shout out goes to mrs. raider's social studies classes in warren hill in washington, new jersey. the u.s. presidential election is extra additionally held on what day of the week? here we go. is it monday, tuesday, wednesday, or saturday? you've got three seconds. go. the presidential election is held on a tuesday following the firs
Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. >> six different studies have said this is very questionable. some of them are blogs, some from the aei, an independent group. >> these are very credible sources. >> one of them is from a guy who is a blog from a guy who was a top advisor to george w. bush. these are hardly nonpartisan studies. >> that was top romney advisor ed gillespie. more on that in a moment, first, i want to begin at the beginning. with what romney has been promising. >> under no circumstances will i raise taxes on the middle class of america. we will keep our taxes down. >> what mitt and i are proposing is a five-point plan -- >> there will be no tax cut that adds to the deficit but i do want to reduce the burden being paid by middle income americans. >> the combination of limiting deductions and credits and exemptions. >> you can cut tax rates by 20% and still preserve these important preferences for middle class taxpayers. >> it is mathematically possible. >> that's the promise. keeping them honest, though, neither he nor his running mate paul ryan have ever specified which tax deductions they will cap, which l
Oct 6, 2012 5:00am PDT
blog he started off saying, admit you got a favorite child as well. >> in fact most people say they do have a favorite child. >> i don't know. i'm one of seven kids. i can't imagine my mom or dad -- mom is watching. mom, what do you think? it just seems there's got to be some pretty devastating effect to the other six kids if i was the favorite. you know what i mean? new made an interesting point. >> well i was one of two. i don't think i ever felt like i was a favorite. which is the point you were referring to. >> the point is you're a father and you were saying it depends on timing. it's not a 100% thing. >> i think you relate to your kids, depending on their age, better at different points in time. it's not always the same. they go out of phases and sometimes i connect better than others. >> whether you verbalize it or write it in a blog. at my grandmother's funeral i said i know i was the favorite. each of my cousins thought they were her favorite. that's what you do when you love a child. you don't write it or blog it if you have one. >> i think that's exactly right. and i think i
Oct 11, 2012 7:00am PDT
the age of 3 and 14. in a blog, her mother wrote this -- think about it. if she had just taken the bones, we might never, ever had known if this was her. we might have gone the rest of her lives without knowing. so at this point, here's the situation -- they have this all 3-inch bone. they sent it to one lab to get tested. it wasn't able to get tested. so they sent it to a lab in virginia for more extensive testing. there's nothing more other than the time frame and the area where this is found. they are thinking this is her. her mother wrote in her -- in her blog, i think this may be it. we may get answers. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> in overnight news two people are still in the hospital after a triple shooting? oakland -- in oakland. a ktvu photographer at the scene says two cars were hit by bullets. one person died at the scene. >>> there's developing news coming out of the middle east. government officials say a suspected al qaeda terrorist killed a long-time worker in yemen. they say he opened fire on the yemeni chief. p he was heading to where he has work
FOX Business
Oct 11, 2012 8:00pm EDT
are in danville, kentucky, in the spin room, a couple plod cast blog -- broadcast blogs and lined up, we're all next to each other. we are a little bit more spread out here, you probably want to skip dinner because, there is that little room, if you eat too much all of a sudden i'm spilling over into a rival news service, i don't top do that, i want to save myself for you. we're about a half hour away from the big debate, and pressure is oboth guys, if you think about it, if you are paul ryan, the young guy who was all of 3 years old when joe biden was first elected to senate in delaware. and your boss, had a fantastic performance about a week ago. and if you are joe biden our boss on an off week. so ou have to knock it out of the park without saying anything crazy. andy is joining us from california. i am rooting for, i don't care if you are left or right from this we never had someone from fast-food world assume a cabinet position, and someone who is dominating the fast-food world for years and stays thin. andy, it is good to have you. what are you expecting out of paul ryan tonight? >> firs
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,412 (some duplicates have been removed)